Restoring a Phaser Rifle Prop

About 8 years ago I purchased my first set of prop replica kits. I found a small, hole in the wall type, outfit called Arsenal Models and got their catalogue. Being a long time Star Trek fan, although there were many options to chose from, there was no question of which I would pick. I got a Starfleet Tricorder, Starfleet Type 2 Phaser (Boomerang), and the TNG Type 3 Phaser Rifle.

Photo of the family taken just before they got split up. That night the Type 2 and TR-590 were shipped out.

The Phasers were pretty straight forward builds and painted about as simply. The Tricorder’s hinge was challenging and the kit needed a lot of work to make the door fit properly. The decals were odd but ended up working really well. Altogether it made for a great set of prop replicase from my favorite show and added depth to a cosplay I’d always wanted to do.


I have since let go of the Type 2 Phaser and the Tricorder¬†in favor of a Master Replicas First Contact Type 2 Phaser replica and hopefully soon a Roddenberry TR-590 Tricorder replica. However since no one has made a licensed replica Phaser Rifle I’m keeping mine indefinitely.

Well it’s been long enough thought the rifle was some wear and tear and was in need of a bit of restoration. Some paint on the grips has peeled off, the sight has broken off, and the paint scheme had some accents missing. So it went ‘under the knife’. Check out these progression pictures and enjoy!

Masking off the areas that will be worked on
This part on the head of the rifle is supposed to be darker
As well as the battery on the rear of the rifle
Some sanding and putty work to fix a seam
Primer on the top parts to be painted
Probably one of my favorite colors on this earth, dark metallic grey


Looking good! The seam didn’t quite fix up as well as I’d hoped but an improvement
The replacement sight. This time it will be fixed in the down position


Masking off the grips and a ‘plate’ that will be painted


Looking pretty good
All Done!
She’s back on the wall. Below her the Master Replicas Type 2.

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