Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Miniatures as a collectible

The Fantasy Flight Games ‘X-Wing’ game has gained a lot of popularity since its release in September 2012. It launched with a Core Set of two Tie Fighters and one X-Wing Fighter as well as 4 other single ship expansions and now boasts an impressive 9 waves of expansion packs, 4 themed packs, and 4 large ship packs totaling 50 different ships.


The ships divide up into three factions, Imperial Fleet, Rebel Alliance Fleet, and Bounty Hunters although the majority of the game pieces are just the two former. Recent expansion packs have added more Bounty Hunters to the game which have been well received, after all who doesn’t like the occasional rogue element.

The game play focuses strongly on simulated small group dog fight like engagements but allows for other game types by use of the different expansions. One popular game type is an escort game where a large ship is protected by one side while attacked by another. Some players have also taken to creating their own game pieces which have all been incredibly impressive.


The game is good and all but as a collector why would I care? I’ve only played 2 rounds so my interest is thoroughly grounded in the miniatures themselves. These ships have been meticulously detailed and painted and are sold fully finished by FFG. My miniature skills still lack so to me this is a positive. It means right out of the box I can enjoy the miniature and display it without any work to it, unless I chose to add to it. But fully finished miniatures aren’t anything new and there have been some great miniatures over the years.
MicroMachines, I feel, led the way in the 90s, but Hasbro’s Titanium Series (now Black Series) has had some fantastic entires. DeAgostini in 2008 launched their 80 issue The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection with great success and released some amazing die-cast models. At one point I owned the first 25 and was very happy about it. Some day I plan on hunting them all down again.

But what the FFG series offers that no other series has done so, all ships are to scale with each other. Ok, before you go calling foul, I know they are not all exactly to scale but by golly they are pretty close and purposefully so. When you put the ships next to each other you get a really good idea of how they would have to interact ‘in real life’ in battle scenarios.
A fantastic website, Rebel Scale, has listed the scale of some of the miniatures here

FFG has focused their miniatures to ships seen in the Star Wars Universe from about 15 years BBY to the events seen in The Force Awakens. As such no ships from the Prequel Trilogy have been released, save for an ARC-170 in their latest wave which has been recovered by the Rebellion. However a nice surprise is that FFG has not been strictly keeping to what is now considered Canon. Countless ships in the line have so far only been seen in the Expanded Universe (EU). This is something that makes me extremely happy and the possibilities for future expansions thus makes me practically giddy.

As a collector there is a bit of a double edged sword with this line of miniatures. The mid size and large ships are priced reasonably, $25 to $100 respectively, but the tiny fighters like an X-Wing, clocking in at about one inch in length costing $15 is a bit expensive. You do have to understand that the miniature is not all you get for $15, there are cards and tokens crucial to the game play but not very needed for a display. However the secondary market on these miniatures is plentiful and it is very easy to purchase a ship by itself, lending a collector an easy way to accumulate a large fleet very quickly.

In addition there is a large following of players that have taken to customizing and especially repainting ships with some pretty amazing results. One very popular repaint is the cloaking effect on the Tie Phantom (from the Rebel Assault 2 video game), destroyed Tantive IV, and most recently the Imperial Assault Carrier repainted as a Republic Carrier.

If you love starships, and if on top of that you have an affinity for the Star Wars Universe, this line of miniatures may be a MUST HAVE item for your collection.

most of the Rebel Alliance ships available

most of the Bounty Hunter ships available

most of the Imperial Fleet ships available

Learn more about all the expansions here
Purchase some of my favorites (and support this page):
Millennium Falcon and Poe Dameron’s X-Wing
Star Wars Rebels Ghost and Phantom
Boba Fett’s Slave I
Imperial Assault Carrier (Gozanti)
Tantive IV


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