USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Star Trek is by far the number 1 sci-fi franchise on my list. I love the universes depicted, the characters developed, storylines introduced, and as a collector I especially love the visual styles. I have a little bit of everything in my collection but certainly what I have the most of are the spaceships from Star Trek.

The first Trek I saw were the Kirk movies and I liked them all although I didn’t consider them part of a larger universe and as of this date I haven’t seen more than two or three TOS episodes. I remember the exact moment I ‘discovered’ Star Trek and what got me so fascinated by it all that I became a fan. I was probably about 10 or 11 years old and watching TV in the living room. A new show started and is was Star Trek. For no real reason I didn’t change the channel and watched on. It turned out to be the TNG Season 4 premier, ‘Best of Both Worlds, Pt2’ and it was awesome.

I was hooked right away and watched TNG all the way through. I also picked up DS9 when it launched and of course Voyager as well. I love them all for their own reasons and in general find them to be distinct enough from one another but TNG is the show that will always have that special place in my heart since it was my gateway Trek. And within that show who could argue that the best know character in it was the ship, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

A giant leap forward in time from the last appearance of the USS Enterprise, then just the A, the new ship is larger, more advanced, and more aesthetic than any other ship we’re seen Starfleet operate and offered a wonderful canvas from which to tell new stories. As such the Enterprise D makes for a great collectible and there are so many choices to collect her from. Below I will talk briefly about all the different ones I have collected over the years.

From smallest to largest:

Galoob MicroMachines 
these came out in the late 90s and are made of plastic. The details are sometimes lacking but the small scale made them easy to collect. No assembly or paint needed and most of them had no moving parts.

Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing (or HeroClix)
similar in size to the MicroMachines line but the casting and details are sometimes a bit more crisp. Paint or decals here aren’t always of very high quality. In addition to being a fun collectible these are part of the Attack Wing or Heroclix games and can be used to recreate memorable battles from the show or movies.

Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships
Eaglemoss started their collection a couple of years ago and is doing a great job with their die casts. The Enterprise D was one of their first issues. The details on this ship are amazing and because of the design of the stands there are no holes or pins on the ship itself.

Hallmark Ornament
similar in scale to the Hot Wheels and Eaglemoss die cast ships these ornaments can be plugged into a light string and become illuminated.

Hot Wheels Die-Cast Starships
at about 6 inches in length these ships are significantly larger and although die cast models can sometimes lack definition in their details Hot Wheels did a fairly good job with this line.

AMT Round 2 1/2500 scale 
A couple of years ago I picked up a set of 6 USS Enterprise models by Round 2 which are all 1/2500. This is really the only scale available right now that allows you to see all of the ships bearing the name to scale with one another. It’s really astounding how much larger Picard’s ship was to Kirk’s original ship.

ERTL 1/1400 (?)
I’ve had this model since the late 90s and it’s gone through several repaints. This year I decided to try to restore it again. Haven’t gotten very far here but this is a good model.

Diamond Select Toys 
DST has been in the Star Trek business for some time and I believe the Enterprise D was their first large ship released. It has great details, lights and sounds. Furthermore the saucer section is attached via magnets and the two halves can be displayed separately. Displaying this ship however is a bit of a challenge as it is very heavy and tends to damage the display stand. I’ve yet to meet an owner that doesn’t have a complaint about the display stand.

  1. title picture copyright Paramount Pictures

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